MetaSift Speeds Training Analytics and Decisions

Calendar icon 06-19-2019

Synergizes disparate data streams to unlock collective insights


A typical defense organization is responsible for the operational readiness of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of warfighters. Tracking their individual and collective training and determining their readiness throughout the training progression is a daunting task. How can commanders at all levels ensure their warfighters are ready for operations across the broad spectrum of missions and tasks?

It requires effective training data collection on a massive, enterprise scale, as well as the ability to synthesize, analyze, and disseminate the information. MetaSift, an advanced analytics platform, can facilitate storage, organization, analysis, and reporting of all training-related information sources. Operating as an intelligent knowledge and content management system, MetaSift brings additional power to SAIC Integrated Training Edge (SITE®), the company's training platform.

Organizations that use MetaSift — separately or as part of the SITE platform — can process and manage their entire training data, from capture and creation through distribution and archiving of individual and collective training and performance records. MetaSift integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, accelerating and augmenting training data collection, and analytical functions.

Making sense of disparate data sets

When applied to training, MetaSift helps organizations:

  • Capture and collect multiple formats of training data according to user-driven requirements and interface with and process digital data in virtually any format.
  • Aggregate data from structured and unstructured training sources (systems, instrumentation, simulation, observers, etc.) and ensure they align data with defined training requirements and standards.
  • Tag and curate data automatically to ease its organization, and perform automated information processes to identify linkages that are not readily visible to users.
  • Enable relevant, accurate information to be viewed quickly through intuitive and organic search and retrieval functions.

By using an open and scalable architecture, the platform can adapt to changes to an organization’s training data collection and processing requirements. The open architecture and extensible framework also mean that the platform can integrate applications and tools developed by other partiesto meet the needs of different operations within the organization and their specific activities and training events.

Commanders have better insight into readiness

With artificial intelligence and machine learning integration, training analysts can support up to five times the requests for forensic and biometric analyses. Leveraging machine speed and precision for analytic outputs frees up analysts to do what they do best: exercise judgment and creativity in maximizing training effectiveness based on accurate, near real-time data.

By wholly integrating and synergizing their training data and performance metrics, commanders can use our platform to readily gain a holistic understanding of their state of readiness for any mission, take action to address training gaps, and optimize resources to get the best return on their training investment.

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