MetaSift Aids Intelligence Forensics

Calendar icon 01-06-2019

Uncovers relevant information from diverse, seemingly unrelated data

Every day, the U.S intelligence community analyzes enough data to fit inside the Library of Congress. Sifting through haystacks upon haystacks of data to look for a needle of key threat information is tough work but keeps the nation of out of harm's way.

Assisting intelligence analysts with processing and managing the data they've collected is MetaSift, our IC-targeted data integration and analytics platform.

Both a fine-tooth comb and digital file repository, MetaSift is helping our IC customers store and organize their data gathered from real-time information streams and other sources. A user can go in to conduct content searches, and the tool retrieves relevant information.

It also calls up related content that might not have been readily apparent.

IC agencies are using MetaSift for:

  • Information management. The platform allows them to store, search, retrieve, and disseminate information quickly.
  • Multi-source analysis. The platform is helping spot connections from different sources so that users can achieve intelligence fusion at a much more rapid pace.
  • Reporting. They are producing intelligence products out of our platform and presenting them to the highest levels of DOD leadership for decision-making.
  • Content creation and collaboration. The tool provides automated tagging and curation and allows integration with commercial publishing tools.

AI, machine learning boost analytic power

MetaSift uses an artificial intelligence and machine learning engine. It performs full voice and biometric examinations of collected images and videos to augment customers' ability to get deeper intelligence connections--and faster.

Our customers are always fighting the challenge of possibly missing key information. With MetaSift's machine precision and capabilities for the intelligence fusion and reporting process chain, they are greatly lowering that risk to their missions while adding value to the information sharing process.


FURTHER READING:The MetaSift platform is deployed as an aid to training programs.