Synthetic Training Platform Personalizes Learning

Calendar icon 11-12-2020


Experiential platform accelerates real-world results through multi-product integration

An orchestra will not perform a sensational symphony if every musician does not do their part. Each group of instruments sounds well enough on their own, but it is only by contributing to the overall symphonic performance that they come into harmony.

Such is true about SAIC’s experiential synthetic training platform, which melodiously blends the latest advancements in commercial gaming, software, cloud, and analytics technologies together to deliver low-cost experiential training. The platform provides a premier and personalized user experience, managing profiles, providing content, and giving specific feedback throughout each learner’s journey. SAIC leverages agile development methods in collaboration with customers to provide repeatable, demonstrable training solutions.

This platform is how we operationalize the enablers inherent in our integrated training methodology, producing data-driven insights to address our customers’ emerging performance needs.

MBLE powers our platform

If our synthetic learning platform is the orchestra, then the percussion, the heartbeat of the performance, is akin to model-based learning engineering™ (MBLE™). Through MBLE, the relationships between learning objectives and student actions are maintained in a machine-readable format. This enables adaptive learning by making automation possible through the application of AI / ML technologies and distinguishes our training platform as much more than just flashy hardware and software.

“You look at these big simulators and the new headsets and think, ‘Wow, that’s cool, I bet that helps a lot,’ but their contributions are marginal without our integrated experiential training platform,” Lewis said.

Learning systems powered by MBLE run on thousands of interrelating data cells with each one having a specific learning objective at its core. These different relationships connect to build a framework of both intuitive and non-intuitive relationships. These relationships form the model that provides both a measuring stick and context that translates data flowing out of the MBLE-powered system into actionable information.

MBLE enables the platform to automatically yield the next piece of curriculum for the student by comparing their performance against the objective. And the instructor now has time to focus on learner-specific feedback, rather than crunching time to prepare learning modules. “Rather than updating a spreadsheet or a prohibitive learning management system, the system automatically updates a learner’s performance so that it’s possible to get specific feedback and instruction, automatically,” Lewis said.

Data-rich environment

Our mission debrief tool provides real-time feedback and data that shape instructional design. This tool provides data-rich, immersive reviews of training activity to help students better understand their learning environment.

“A critical point of the synthetic learning platform is to encourage students to engage in self-directed reps and sets,” Lewis said. “They feel a lot more empowered to do so if they get data-driven feedback that provides specific, clear instruction.”

The performance insight includes biometrics, physiological data, and other feedback collected from desktop, mobile, and game console use.

Integration of additional tools

The other instruments of this symphony, the other pieces that make the whole platform sing are our synthetic learner’s experience software suite, Virtual Pocket Reference, and in-SITE solutions.

Our synthetic learner’s experience suite of software is usable on any device, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet, PC, or even a gaming console or VR system, and delivers natively-developed training features like role-based user management, data collection, student and instructor dashboards, debrief rooms, automated feedback, and scheduling functions.

Our Virtual Pocket Reference provides constant access to interactive training material, such as a 3D-exploded diagram, on common mobile devices, resulting in 21st-century hip-pocket training. Users can install the apps we build with VPR on a variety of devices, including PCs, mobile devices, and tablets, and the apps can be updated in real time via the cloud. This means that learners can have a high degree of confidence that the procedures and models they interact with are as up to date as possible.

Finally, in-SITE is a cloud-native video hosting and sharing platform to safely, efficiently deliver microlearning video assets to trainees at the point of need. Our in-SITE solution helps organizations quickly upskill their workforces through the delivery of rapid, highly targeted instruction.

“All of these systems and products are pieces of a puzzle,” Lewis said. “Yes, they function independent of one another, but when integrated with each other on our experiential synthetic training platform, they create an unparalleled training experience.”

Meeting demand

Unlike original equipment manufacturers solutions, SAIC’s experiential training platform is open source, extensible, scalable, and modular, resulting in continuous modernization and increased engagement quality. The commerciality of our solution and the fact that it’s based on existing commercial solutions make it is more sustainable and affordable that custom government off-the-shelf (GOTS) solutions. Amplified data and automation in the platform enable customers to accelerate workforce training and improve performance through analytics-based insights.

“The demand for heightened performance by both trainees and instructors has never been greater. But no two people learn the same way,” Lewis said. “Through our synthetic platform, and with the support of augmented and virtual reality, no matter the occupational specialty, we can dramatically compress training delivery timelines while improving the quality of demonstrable real-world knowledge.”