Effective Data Management for Improved Healthcare

Effective Data Management for Improved Healthcare

Data management and AI tools can help federal healthcare agencies achieve missions

Calendar icon 03-03-2022
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Every time you visit your doctor for a shot, a routine physical or a broken bone, data is created about you and your health.

It wasn’t too long ago that much of your health information was kept with paper and pen, and if you wanted a copy of your own records, you had to ask your provider’s office to photocopy them. As healthcare providers modernize their systems, they have run into issues concerning data management and data privacy. They also have opened the door for medical advances based on all that data.

Exabytes of information — often sensitive information — are now created and transmitted daily. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this flood of data, challenging public health experts’ ability to effectively and efficiently manage data related to contact tracing, PCR test results, effectiveness and side effects of treatments, symptoms and so much more. They are neck-deep in data coming from a myriad of sources and need management and governance tools to pull them from the waves.

How can these experts better manage and protect data while meeting government mandates to accelerate biomedical research? SAIC has the answer through the Koverse platform and through SAIC TenjinTM, our data science and machine learning platform.

How can we improve healthcare data governance and access?

Koverse, a data management and governance platform, empowers SAIC’s data practitioners to use any data available — regardless of location or complexity — without compromising privacy. This fuels SAIC Tenjin to rapidly deploy operational artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to mine the data for insights that inform care as well as medical breakthroughs.

Koverse is unlike any other data management tool because of a few things, with the biggest being how it secures data so that users can access what they need without being able to see what they have no right or need to see. It collects data from all levels of privacy access and makes the most data available to the most people. Koverse provides the security, speed and scale healthcare researchers and policymakers need to define and verify access-control policies, rapidly search data indexes and bulk-process data inputs.


Exabytes of information are challenging public health experts' ability to manage data. They need management and governance tools while protecting patient privacy.

Through Koverse, Tenjin can then operationalize AI to sharpen decision-making and meet many of the key missions of our government’s health agencies. For example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs to integrate real-world and clinical trial data to increase representation of population sets. Koverse manages these massive data sets and makes it easier to use AI on the data, which then amplifies efficiency and efficacy. Because Koverse manages all levels of security while enabling data scientists and data citizens to act on that data, SAIC can help the FDA evaluate rare disease treatment while protecting private patient data and information.

Consider the challenges faced by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It is constantly processing large-scale and complex biomedical data. It needs advanced AI approaches and tools to achieve its goal of optimizing this data. Tools like Koverse and Tenjin efficiently manage, analyze and visualize the deluge of data and replace obsolete data management programs.

Experience with our nation’s healthcare

SAIC has worked with health organizations for years and provided scientific computing support services to the FDA for almost a decade. We empower the FDA to make wise decisions for the health of our nation by conducting studies and analyses that yield more nutritious foods and prevent foodborne illnesses.

We have also worked with FDA scientists and engineers to deliver high-performance data analysis tools that help extract actionable insights about our nation’s food supply, all with datasets that constantly grow in both size and complexity.

Use cases for AI at the FDA expand every day. SAIC’s knowledge of the FDA provides us with the knowledge to optimize the agency’s systems to run more efficiently than ever, no matter the program. We can use this knowledge to help other Department of Health and Human Services agencies and the Department of Veterans Affairs embed AI and data management capabilities into their missions.

I’m constantly impressed with what our data scientists achieve. As agencies embark or continue on their paths to digital transformation, they will need data management programs and programmers to manage the flood of information that continues to overwhelm them. Koverse and SAIC's Tenjin serve as enablers for data citizens through low-code environments, which result in lower costs to our customers and higher efficiency gains.

The health of American citizens is more important than ever. Proper data management empowers our healthcare researchers and practitioners to achieve their full potential in treating and preventing physical and mental disease, injury and ailment. SAIC’s data management and AI tools have the power to meet the missions of federal healthcare customers to better the welfare of our nation and all our citizens.


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